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Afro Latina Mundo
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Sunglasses/ Gafas de Sol

WinterWear/ Ropa de Otono
Afro Latina Mundo Winter/ Invierno
The Winter is a great time to look fabulous.  You just need a few thing to keep that look , that keeps you looking good.

Este Invierno es el tiemp para lucirse fabulousa.  Solo se nesecita unas cosas para verse bien.  

Nice colors to help ascent the you. That LOOK you may need to help to brings out the you.  

Wearing makeup in the spring is not a hard job if you want to be out and about.  Keep it simple.  No heavy makeup. Just make sure you have you sunblock.  Your face still needs that protection in the Winter
Hair/ Pelo
Maintaining your hair from dryness is hard during the Winter because some days are just to sunny.  Try shea butter
Health & Fitness/Salud y Ejercicio
Food/ Comida
A trick to keep your skin nice during the Winter  is using olive oil on your skin.  After bathing put olive oil on you skin while wet and blot your skin dry.
It is Winter don't shy away form drinking water
Always wear sunglasses all year long.  You can still be a Diva.  Protect you EYES.