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Sendy Vaughn Suazo
Sendy Vaughn Suazo the creator of Afro Latina Mundo is a first-generation Afrodescendant immigrant from Honduras. At an early age, she realized that there was an inequality of opportunities for children in families like hers and dedicated her life to finding more resources for her community through community organizing, policy development, politics, and education. Through a fellowship program with the Reebok Foundation and campaign in Human Rights, at the age of 13, she traveled to Russia to receive an International Film and Video award for her film Stop the Violence and Teen Pregnancy. Sendy has worked in different mediums with Afro-descendant organizations in Honduras to support them. She created their SWOT analysis profile for international and local support. She has researched the Educational Impact of Transnationalism among Garinagu and Afrodescendants of Honduras. She is currently working on a national census of the Garinagu and Afrodescendants of Latin America and the Caribbean living in the United States.

Nia Kiser
Hello everyone!!!! My name is Nia an Afro Latina teen. So my aunt and I decided to make this blog because we wanted to talk to the world about everything that’s in style now. For example, snapbacks, hair, fashion, sneakers and ect. So I’m only 13 years old and I want to express my world to you guys.
About Afro Latina Mundo
Afro Latina Mundo fue un creacion para nuestra mujers. Esta perfile es para dar informacion de nuestro vidas  tambienes se una informacion de estilo, belleza y mucha mas. 

Afro Latina Mundo was created for us.  This website is to inform us about put life and can also be used as an outlet for style, beauty and much more.. 
Interested in learning more about Afro Latina Mundo?  Quiere saber mas de Afro Latina Mundo?
Dando Fuerza a nuestra mujers